March 17

03-17-2023Church Building Update

The weather continues to impact our outside work. Where is the sun and dry weather? This will allow the soil and the building block to dry out. The bell tower roof is being constructed on the south east side of our parking lot. When finished, it will be lifted to the top of the bell tower. Our 10-foot Cross will be anchored to the center pole on the rooftop. Framing in the Nave, the transepts and the ceiling of the Narthex continues. The duct work is progressing.


March 10

03-10-2023Church Building Update

Framing and the A/C duct work continues to progress. Decking has begun to be installed, starting with the bell tower then proceeding to the southside of the building. The team will continue to work around the building. A ladder, which is the only access to the upper roof, has been installed. The power to the 2 future monument signs have been installed, one by the south entry drive and one by the north entry drive.


March 3

03-03-2023Church Building Update

The framers, electricians and the mechanical team continue their work inside of the building. Iron support is being added to the ceiling in the office to support the new air conditioners. The target date is March 20, weather dependent, to start installing the roof allowing the inside of the building to begin to be weather tight.


February 24

02-24-2023Church Building Update

The rainy weather impacted the ground work around the building this week. It did allow a good test of the modified roof drains that have been installed for the new roof lines of the building. Work did continue on the inside of the building by the mechanical team, the plumber installing the new sprinkler system and the framers. The overhead framing passed inspection. The arch window frames for the exterior windows have been created and are ready for installation.


February 17

02-17-2023Church Building Update

We have mixed excitement. A lot of internal work continues, but it is limited to those of us who are allowed in the building. We will continue to post photos which will illustrate the work. A/C work along with framing continue.

The new crosses for the bell tower and the upper front (west end) of the building have arrived. We are waiting for the City to inspect and approve the flooring support so we can install the flooring and construct the roof of the bell tower on the ground before we use a crane to lift it. Then we can install the large cross on top of the roof.


February 3

02-03-2023Church Building Update

Significant work continues on the interior of the church. The mechanical team continues installing the duct work for the new air conditioning. The Sanctuary has been poured. The steel roof support for both of the transepts have been installed. Soon all of the interior roof supports will be complete. The office remodel has made major progress. The demolition of the existing restrooms has been completed allowing for the existing restrooms to have similar decor to the new north restrooms.


January 27

01-27-2023Church Building Update

The framing of the Sacristy areas has begun.

The Sanctuary area is scheduled to have the concrete poured today, Friday at 5am. The trusses for the transepts are being constructed onsite. The Chapel area demolition is continuing.

Next week will be the start for a number of areas. The contents of the offices were moved out and stored so the upgrade can begin in that area. Also beginning, the saw-cutting of the block in the Narthex to allow space for the new air conditioning ductwork, and the site grading and curbing for the southside drop off.


January 20

01-20-2023Church Building Update

A new storage container has been ordered and delivered. This container will be utilized to move the office furniture into allowing the offices to be updated with new flooring, ceiling and lighting. The existing restroom will also be updated to match the new northside restrooms. The offices will be cleared out by Jan 26, with work beginning on Jan 27.


January 13

01-13-2023Church Building Update

As the construction team is back in full force after the holidays, work continues to close in the building. The masons are completing their work on the building. They will then begin laying the block for our 2 signage walls on the north and south entries of the church parking lot, after the concrete footings are poured.

The pouring of the Sanctuary steps and flooring will begin within two weeks. Followed by the signage wall footings.