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Frequently Asked Questions

St. Benedict Senior Living Facility

Q. Will St. Benedict be responsible for or oversee the management of the housing community initially or at any time in the future? 
A. No.

Q. What is the capacity and what is the anticipated occupancy rate? 
A. Approximately 150 bed and rates will be market rates.

Q. Approximately what % will St. Benedict receive based on occupancy? 
A. 10% of the net operating capital plus a lease payment on the land.

Q. Will the developer be looking to St. Benedict for any responsibility for the loan to build this Senior Living Facility?  
A. None.

Q. Will there be a wall between the facility and the school (for school children safety)?
A. Yes.

Q. Will there be a path for emergency response vehicles, deliveries, etc that won’t conflict with school drop off’s and programs?
A. Shared routes at this time.

Q. What is the length of the lease? 
A. Month to month

Q. When will the facility and property get turned over to St. Benedict?  Who will be responsible for running it? 
A. The management company will always run it and the building turn over will be after there is no debt on the building.

Q. How will parking be handled? 
A. All parking will be on our site.

Q. How will the staff at the facility be vetted?  How about the residents? 
A. Market will be the same as all other facilities.

Q. Will St. Benedict’s be allowed use of the parking lots if needed during high attended masses? 
A. Yes.

Q. Will there be a separate chapel at the facility for the priest to have mass for those that can’t walk to church?  
A. This is undecided at this time.

Q. Will the builder/developer provide golf cart ride to residents of the facility for church services? 
A. Management will have carts for transportation of residence.

Q. Will the builder advertise in the church and school bulletin?  
A. The management company will only advertise is bulletins for St Benedict Church and other local Catholic Churches.

Q. What happens if the developer goes into bankruptcy?
A. The facility will always be operated in single purpose LLC so it will be a stand alone entity and insulated from this issue.

Leadership and Contacts

Fr. James Aboyi, VC, Pastor
Ed Winkelbauer