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Updates from the Building Committee

September 16


The construction team has worked hard to get us back on schedule after the rain and cleanup delays. The work for the week progressed well.

Concrete was poured on the north and south side areas. They saw cut a new door on the south side of the building, the second confessional, north windows, new entry to the electrical room and cleaned up a number of old openings. Old gas meter and main gas line (an 8 foot assembly) has been removed allowing for construction work to continue on the south side.


September 9


The ABC stone will be spread next week in preparation for pouring of the slabs. Concrete has been ordered for next Wednesday for pouring the slabs. Workers will be saw-cutting the east and west walls for the i-beams that will support the loft. The choir loft decking is 4 to 6 weeks out which may impact the pouring of the west slab. We need to allow the heavy equipment access to construct the loft infrastructure. The masonry on the north and south side of the buildings will commence after the slabs are poured. We will see the walls starting to go up.


September 2


The underground plumbing has been completed on the north side of the building. The City inspected the work and passed it. The remaining underground plumbing and electrical work continues.

By the end of next week the slabs should begin getting poured. The north and south areas will be first. The west side will be completed after the steel for the choir loft arrives and is installed. It will take an 8,000 pound forklift to lift the 4,000 pound beam.

There are no pictures this week as the visible work did not change.

October 2021 Updates
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The following enhancements have been made to the Plan B floor plan after listening to parishioner input:

  • The Sanctuary was made larger.
  • A storage area was created behind the Sanctuary for the Art & Environment and Sanctuary decorations. 
  • A Priest Sacristy developed to allow the priests an area to prepare for Mass.
  • A lay ministry and altar server sacristy developed.
  • A devotional area created on each side of the Sanctuary.
  • Replaced the pews with chairs in the Chapel to allow for flexibility. Kneelers will be provided for Adoration.
  • The Cry Room floor was elevated by 6-inches to provide a better sightline to the Sanctuary. Monitors and speakers will be added in the Cry Room for live streaming of the Mass.
  • In the loft, the Bride Room next to the elevator has been expanded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Phase / Logistics

Q: What is the timeline for the construction phase?
A: The estimated time to complete the modification to the building is 12 months from the time we break ground.

Q: Where will Mass be celebrated during the construction phase?
A: Weekend Masses will be held inside the St. John Bosco multi-purpose room. Daily Masses will be celebrated in an Annex room during the school year. When St. John Bosco is not in session, the SJB Chapel will be utilized.

Q: Will construction impact traffic and parking for St. John Bosco and Horizon schools?
A: The goal during construction is to not impact the traffic flow for St. John Bosco, Horizon Honors or morning Masses.

Church Redesign / Exterior and Interior Details

Q: How much of the existing building will be repurposed?
A: All of the existing building, except for the west wall, will be repurposed for the redesign. The west wall will be removed to add the new transepts, the Sanctuary and two Sacristies.

Q: Will there be outdoor gathering spaces for parishioners to meet before/after Mass?
A: Parishioners will be able to gather and socialize in a covered space on the northeast corner of the building, or on the grassy area near the north entry.

Q: Will there be exterior facilities/utilities to allow for hospitality receptions after Mass?
A: Yes, space will be available for coffee and donuts, and similar hospitality events.

Q: Where will the parish offices be located?
A: The parish offices will remain in their current location.

Q: How will a funeral cortege enter and exit the Church?
A: The Chapel will be utilized for small funerals with exterior entry on the south side of the building. The main Church will hold larger funerals with entry through the main doors on the east side of the building. The driveway will be close to both entrances.

Q: How many handicap parking spaces will be available?
A: The number of handicap parking spaces will be based on code set by the City of Phoenix and follow ADA law.

Q: How many total parking spaces will be available?
A: The total number of parking spaces will be based on the code set by the City of Phoenix.

Q: Will the dirt lot in front of the building still be open for overflow parking?
A: We are working with a civil engineer to address the proper flow of rainwater, which may impact the dirt parking area. There will not be an entry to the Church on the west side of the building.

Q: How many restrooms will be available?
A: The current restrooms will remain in place. An additional set of male/female restrooms will be added on the northeast side of the building to meet city code.

Q: Will restrooms be accessible from the outside?
A: Yes, new restrooms will be located on the northeast side of the building with an exterior entrance. There will be doors to restrict access into the Church as necessary.

Q: Will there be an Adoration Chapel that will be accessible from the outside 24/7 without allowing access to the rest of the building?
A: Yes, the Chapel will also serve as the Adoration Chapel and has an external entry with controlled access to the main Church. A restroom is planned for the Chapel.

Q: Will there be a prayer garden?
A: At this time, plans for a prayer garden have not been addressed.

Q: Is the bell tower a real working bell tower?
A: The bells will operate on a carillon system in the tower.

Q: How will the Church building be lit at night?
A: The detail lighting will be finalized during the detail design phase.

Q: Will there be a gift shop?
A: Yes, a gift shop will be located near the base of the bell tower.

Q: Will the Church be the same color as St. John Bosco School?
A: The goal is to continue to unify our Church and St. John Bosco School communities. The plan is to keep the basic overall color of the school, however, accent points of the Church may differ.

Q: How will the Church redesign integrate St. John Bosco School to maintain a campus feeling?
A: A dedicated, clearly marked crosswalk area will aid in the students’ safety as they cross to the Church. Additionally, the Church interior will have a devotional area of St. John Bosco. Other opportunities to link the school will be addressed as the budget allows. 

Q: Why will there be two Sacristies?
A: One Sacristy is designated for the priest which will allow him to have a private space for prayer prior to Mass. The other Sacristy is for the Deacon, lay ministers and servers.

Q: Why will the choir be located behind the people instead of in front of the people?
A: The choir will be heard well throughout the Church from the loft and the focus of the Mass will remain on the Altar.

Q: Will the choir loft have an organ?
A: The choir loft will be wired for an organ.

Q: How is the balcony accessed?
A: Two staircases and an elevator will be available to reach the balcony.

Q: Will kneelers be inside the Church?
A: Yes

Q: Will Confessionals be inside the Church?
A: Yes, there will be two Confessionals.

Q: Will meeting rooms be located inside the building?
A: Yes, however specific details will be finalized during the detail design process as we balance the various needs for storage and meeting rooms.

Q: Will storage rooms be available for liturgical items and other supplies inside the building?
A: Specific storage inside the building, including cabinets and closets in both Sacristies, will be finalized during the detail design process as we balance the various needs for storage and meeting rooms.

Q: Will a bridal room be available?
A: Yes, a bridal room will be available.

Q: Will a separate room for families with young children be available?
A: Yes, an area for families with young children will be available.

Q: Will there be a secure room for money counting?
A: The money counting will take place in the same room in which it currently takes place.

Q: What kind of HVAC system will be used?
A: An updated system, similar to the HVAC that has successfully supported St. Benedict Church for the last 16 years, will be utilized.

Q: Will we still project the liturgy on screens, and how will that happen?
A: Yes, lyrics, responses and slides will continue to be projected during liturgies. We will be working with an A/V engineer to identify the best solution to allow all parishioners to see.

Q: What steps are being taken to ensure good acoustics?
A: An acoustical engineer is in the budget to ensure good acoustics for the redesigned Church.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Sanctuary?
A: The video appears to show a long distance from the last row of seats to the Altar. We will check the measurement to confirm the length of the Altar. Space is needed between the first pews and the Altar to accommodate funerals. We will ensure we have appropriate space.

Q: Will the renovation of the existing building have space to accommodate Children’s Liturgy of the Word during Mass, St. Vincent de Paul storage, and office spaces for Parish Staff?
A: Yes. The Chapel in the redesigned building will sit up to 100 people which will easily accommodate Children’s Liturgy of the Word on Sundays. St. Vincent De Paul will be relocated to one of the Annex rooms, which will give them more space than the current pantry, and the other Annex rooms will be used for meetings and programs. The current office spaces will remain in place so the Parish Staff will not be affected.

Financial / Budgetary

Q: How much money has been collected and put aside for the building fund to date?
A: We currently have collected $2.4M from the Living Our Faith, Building Our Home building campaign.

Q: What is the remaining balance of the original Living Our Faith, Building Our Home capital campaign?
A: Currently, $774,000 remains outstanding in pledges that still need to be collected from the campaign.

Q:How does the current balance impact the revised budget?
A: We will use the cash at hand from the Living Our Faith, Building Our Home capital campaign, plus some parish savings and, most likely, a small loan to ensure we can break ground in November 2021.

Q: Will the parish utilize the existing environment (Altar, Ambo, Crucifix above the Altar, chairs, etc.) prior to purchasing new ones?
A: A number of existing pieces from the current environment may be repurposed, however a new Altar will be built. New pews will be placed in the main Church and the current chairs will be used in the Chapel.

Q: The new items are not in the current pledge budget. Do you anticipate additional pledge drives for these items?
A: We do not anticipate another building campaign. Instead, we are looking at ways to encourage parishioners to pay off their outstanding pledges, as well as reach out to new and existing parishioners who have not yet participated in the original campaign.

Leadership and Contacts

Fr. James Aboyi, VC, Pastor
Bob Prezkop
Ed Winkelbauer