History of St. Benedict Catholic Church

Founded in 1985 in Chandler, Arizona, St. Benedict Catholic Church moved to our present location in Ahwatukee in 2004.

Beginning with just a handful of members we now serve over 1,300 parish families and are continuing to grow. Our parishioners come mainly from the Phoenix/Ahwatukee, Tempe and Chandler areas. Along with St. John Bosco Catholic School, we offer opportunities for everyone, including Liturgical Ministries, Children’s Formation, Youth Camp, Adult Formation, Outreach and Volunteer groups such as St. Vincent de Paul and Knights of Columbus, and year-round activities of parish life.

We invite you to come and learn about our history and be a part of our future!

  • OCTOBER 1985

    From the mustard seed planted when St. Benedict Catholic Church is established in October 1985, we have gone through many growing pains.

  • 1985—1987

    The first Mass held on December 1. 1985 in the Upper Room in a strip mall on McKemy Ave had a total of 77 people attendance at the 3 Masses and 24 families registered. By 1987, we’d grown to 106 families and space was getting tight. Time to build.

  • 1988

    On April 30, 1988- A special liturgy was held for the First Mass in the new church on Del Rio Street.

  • 1995—2003

    In 1995, we had grown to 676 registered families and space was getting tight. Expansion of a parish center, office space, and rooms for Christian Formation were added to the Del Rio address. In 2003 our Parish was informed by the diocese it was time to move to the property adjacent to St. John Bosco School.


    Plans to build were in full swing when financial troubles hit the diocese and our project was halted. Liturgies began in the Multipurpose Room of St John Bosco School which had to be set up and taken down weekly. Thank you to all those who moved the stage, and 15,000+ chairs & benches over those 51 weeks.

  • DECEMBER 2004

    With 932 registered families, our present building was dedicated on December 16, 2004; however, we did not have an occupancy permit and therefore could not hold Masses inside until the following week.


    Because of the legal restructuring of the Diocese of Phoenix in 2007, St. John Bosco School was placed as a ministry of St. Benedict Catholic Church. Along with this came the purchase of land to the east and some unexpected debt. This debt of 3.2 million was paid off 11 years early by a concerted effort between 2013 and 2016.

    Our mustard seed has blossomed and grown. There are currently 1248 families registered here at St. Benedict Catholic Church. We sent questionnaires and interviewed and asked: what should we do? You answered: We’ve wandered for 32 years, it’s time to build a permanent home.

Capital Campaign

On April 21-22, 2018 we held a kickoff weekend for Living our Faith, Building our Church, Capital Campaign.