What's the Difference?

Think of the Together Let Us Go Forth - Juntos Sigamos Adelante Campaign s a large investment, like buying a larger home. This historic campaign allows for transformation growth in our diocese, supporting 9 campaign components. You make mortgage payments, but also need to pay monthly bills. The Charity and Development Appeal provides much of the operating budget for more than 70 charities and ministries in the Diocese of Phoenix. CDA funding is a lifeline of support for many agencies, allowing them to continue their daily programming and outreach.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Campaign and Offertory collection?

The Campaign seeks to address the most extraordinary needs throughout the Diocese. The offertory collection provides for the operating costs of individual parishes and missions. This campaign enables us to provide a stronger foundation to serve our church.

What is the difference between the Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) and this Campaign?

The CDA generates funds for the operation and sustainability of diocesan ministries and apostolates. The Campaign will raise funds for the long-term, extraordinary needs of the both the Diocese and parishes.

How were the parish campaign goals determined?

Parish/mission campaign goals were established by taking the average of three years of ordinary Sunday plate income and multiplying it by 150 percent.

Will my donation to the campaign be used for anything other than the campaign case components?

Bishop Olmsted has gone to great lengths to ensure that the funds raised will be used exclusively for the campaign case components. Policies guiding this campaign have been reviewed by a Clergy and Religious Campaign Council, Chief Financial Officer, the Office of Mission Advancement and a third part independent financial auditor.

Our family's financial situation doesn't allow us to consider a pledge at the level requested. What should we do?

We do not know the details about your family's financial situation, but we encourage you to consider a pledge to this campaign that best complements your ability for sacrificial giving.

Why are parishioners asked to pledge different amounts?

We understand that each family has different financial means and responsibilities so we are asking every family in the Diocese of Phoenix to consider a sacrificial gift to the campaign.

Why am I asked to sign a pledge card?

Parishioners are asked to sign pledge cards so that the gift may be accurately and appropriately documented, acknowledged and to ensure that payment reminders are sent timely.

Does my parish benefit from the campaign?

Thirty-five cents of every dollar given to the parish campaign will be returned to the parish.

Are gifts to the campaign tax-deductible?

Yes. All gifts are deducible as allowed by law.