Hospitality Ministers

St. Benedict Catholic Church has always been known as the church “Where All Are Welcome.” This vibrant parish community is blessed with many active ministries and volunteers who do so much to foster a sense of hospitality in all that we do. And yet, we are always called by God to give more of ourselves in service.

Hospitality is important because it is the first thing that people will hopefully experience when they walk through our church’s doors. First impressions make a lasting impact, so we need to “Receive all guests as Christ.”

The Hospitality Minister conducts themselves in such a manner that we make all people, whether this is their first visit or one-thousandth, that they are welcome and that they are an integral part of the Body of Christ. A Hospitality Minister is called to be a witness to God’s Kingdom: by word and deed. All of us by our Baptism are called to be welcoming to all our sisters and brothers everyday wherever we go.

“Every person is Jesus in disguise.”

Mother Theresa