Family Promise

St. Benedict Catholic Church and St. John Bosco Catholic School, in partnership with Esperanza Lutheran Church and other community volunteers, regularly host homeless families through the Family Promise Program.

Family Promise has a long, successful record of providing families who have lost their homes with the tools and training to get back on their feet. But because there is a shortage of emergency shelter for homeless families in the Valley, faith communities help provide meals and overnight lodging to families who have been accepted into this rigorous program. More information is available at the Family Promise website.

Twice a year, dozens of families and individuals from our community help to make our hosting event a success. Please sign up to volunteer for this joyful and rewarding experience.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can become involved in Family Promise as a volunteer or a sponsor including:

  • Overnight Hosts
  • Meal Providers/Hosts
  • Evening Activities
  • Setup and Takedown