Update - Gift Matching Opportunity

07-11-2020Weekly ReflectionFr. James Aboyi

I thank the families who have responded to my invitation to participate in the Offertory Gift Matching opportunity. Over 50 families from our parish have participated as of this week! Thank you again for your generous support to our parish, especially at this very challenging time. I invite those who have not yet participated to please try and do so within this week. If you are hearing this for the first time, I am glad to inform you that a generous Catholic family from outside our parish has come forward and offered to help St. Benedict through this financial challenge.

This family is offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, every new weekly/monthly gift OR increased weekly/ monthly online gift to our parish offertory – up to $29,700. That’s a generous gift that will really help our parish. Will you help us take advantage of this generous offer? Here’s instructions on how you can help – it’ll only take a couple minutes, and you would be doing your parish a huge favor.

For existing recurring electronic, weekly/monthly givers

Just log on and increase the size of your gift – by any amount and the donor will match your entire monthly gift .

For people who currently give by check or cash

Just move your offertory giving online. You can set up a monthly or weekly recurring gift through the payment portal on our website: https://membership.faithdirect.net/AZ582

That’s it! Just increase your existing weekly or monthly gift by any amount or sign up to start making your off ertory contribution electronically. The parish will track the results and the donor will match your gift s dollar for dollar!

If you have any questions, just call Mary Jane at 480.961.1610 or email mlivens@stbenedict.org.

Thank you and remain blessed,

Fr. James