New Finance Council President

07-24-2020Weekly Flocknote MessageFr. James Aboyi, V.C.

Congratulations and thanks to Debbie Smith for accepting my invitation to serve as president of the Parish Finance Council for this fiscal year. Debbie has a wealth of experience in business and financial management and has served as a member of our parish finance council for over one year. I assure her of my support and look forward to serving with her through this fiscal year.

Offertory Matching Opportunity

I thank our parish families that have participated in the offertory matching opportunity. Our records indicated that 106 families have participated so far. The confirmed amount matched as of July 4th stands at $5, 595.00, representing 19% of the overall goal of $29, 700. Please note, although I am able to give you an up to date report about the number of parishioners who have participated so far, I am not able to give you the most current amount of money matched for the month of July yet. This is because our Online giving platform (Faith Direct) works almost like a bank statement. They only credit monthly donations on the 4th and 15th of each month and provide us with results at the end of the month. For instance, any donation made last week from the 16th to August 3rd will be credited on August 4th. Thanks for your patience as we await the reports for the month of July.

I appeal to those who have not yet participated to please consider doing so as soon as possible. It is very critical that you participate before August 15th. Again remember, any donation we receive by August 16th will be credited on September 4th, which is already after the deadline of August 29th for the Offertory Matching Opportunity.

I appreciate your sacrificial giving and thank you so much again for helping our parish take advantage of this rare opportunity given to us.

Have a wonderful weekend and Remain Blessed!
Fr James Aboyi, VC