Weekend Update - June 19

06-21-2020Weekly Flocknote MessageFr. James Aboyi, V.C.

Happy Father's Day: I wish all fathers - biological fathers, adoptive fathers, foster fathers, grandfathers and Godfathers - a Happy Father's Day and God's blessings! We are thankful for the sacrificial love our fathers and father figures share with us throughout our lives. On this day, we honor and celebrate the indispensable role fathers play in our families and communities. Our relationship with our fathers and father figures is often a reflection of the nature of our relationship with God. Let us remember to pray for all fathers and father figures who are facing different challenges in their personal and family lives. I encourage all fathers to look up to St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Mother, as their role model. Despite his holiness, he experienced challenges as he sacrificed his own personal dreams in order to fulfill God's will by protecting his wife and child, Jesus. I pray again for God's special blessings upon you through the intercession of St. Joseph on this day.

Congratulations to the SJB Class of 2020! I congratulate the Eighth Grade Class of 2020 graduating from our SJB school this week. I thank the students for their commitment to the school's mission and their contributions to the academic standards of our school. I will remember this class in a very special way as the class that has had an unprecedented experience of ending their school year during the viral pandemic. I will also remember this class for their very high academic performance. I am very proud that many are graduating with honors and everyone in this class received admission into the high school of their choice. I thank the teachers and staff of St. John Bosco and parents and guardians for your support to this class along their academic journey.

Class of 2020, may God continue to bless you and guide you as you move onto another stage in your academic life. The graduation Mass and ceremony will be held here in our parish this Wednesday at 6pm. Due the required physical distancing, attendance is limited to the graduating students and parents only. The ceremony will be live-streamed so everyone can watch from home.

Special Thank You's: On behalf of the parish community, I thank Paul Spatz for his excellent leadership as President of our Parish Council over the past two years. Paul's second term as a Council member ends this month. I am grateful for Paul's excellent service and dedication to our parish community through the Council and other ministries.

I also thank Maryola Fabilena for accepting my invitation to join the Finance Council. Maryola and her family have been committed members of our SB parish and SJB school community for several years. She joins the Council with a wealth of experience in Church Finances and Mission Advancement.

I thank Deacon Jack Beneware for his willingness to help serve at some Masses in our parish. You probably saw him serving at Mass on Friday. Deacon Benware has been a long time friend of our parish community over the past several years. Although not officially assigned to our parish, he will serve occasionally when he is available.

Lastly, thank you all for your understanding and for your response to my appeal to wear face masks last weekend. About 90% of our parishioners wore face coverings as requested. As you might have heard in the news, wearing a face mask is now required in public places within the City of Phoenix, as well as surrounding cities. Face masks are provided at the doors to the Church before Masses for those without one. Please feel free to use one and dispose of it after Mass.

Here is a reflection from our Bishop, Thomas Olmsted on Father's Day (6:32). I hope you find it meaningful.

Thank you and Remain Blessed.
Fr James Aboyi, VC