December 2

12-02-2022Church Building Update

The tower is at 61 feet and the upper tower arches are beginning to form. The southside arches are complete along with the eastside arches. Significant work has been done on the westside of the building.

A leak was discovered in the new domestic water system. It is being tracked down and will be repaired.

Issues with the mechanical contractor’s recent departure is causing delays; The a/c curbing and the conference room demo are on hold. We reviewed the proposal from the third mechanical sub, Grazak, and found the difference between Grazak and the original sub is $60,000, subject to equipment availability. The additional costs will be pulled from the Contingency Fund of Double AA. Double AA will pursue legal action against the original sub for breach of contract. A plan is being developed on how to avoid impacting our target of Q3 2023.

Photos for this week:

  • The eastside photo shows the completed arches and the the height of the bell tower
  • The southside and northside block work are in final cleanup
  • The block work on the westside for the Sanctuary and the 2 Sacristries has made significant progress.