January 28

01-28-2022Church Building Update

For years we have had two questions, Will we ever build a new Worship space and when? Yes, we will build a new Worship space. As to when, we are not the only one waiting. The picture below shows that the building is ready for its make-over. A Special Thank You goes out to Deacon Ed and his transition team for their tremendous effort. A special thank you also to the Knights for their continued support.

We continue to move forward where we can as we wait for our City permits. Next week we have an asbestos inspection which is necessary for our demolition permit.

We know that it is difficult to wait as our journey has taken a very long time. We do need to remember that we are not only building our new Worship space for ourselves, but for our children and their children. It will be a beautiful place to attend Mass and for our children to receive the sacraments. Imagine how wonderful it will be for weddings? Please continue your support with your prayers and contributions.

Any construction related questions, please reach out to Bob Prezkop at bprezkop@stbenedict.org.