09-11-2020Weekly Flocknote MessageFr. James Aboyi, V.C.

Congratulations to Frank Polimene on his election as the Vice President of the Parish Pastoral Council during our last council meeting. Frank is an active member of our parish and serves in different ministries. He joined the Council just over a year ago. Our Parish Council policy states that the Vice President automatically becomes the President the following year. Going by that, Frank will become the next president of the Council beginning July 2021.

Safe Environment

I want to thank all the volunteers, educators and employees who have completed the necessary training for certification status under our Safe Environment Training Program. Some of you have questioned why you have to take the Foundation Online class again with a background check. I would like to provide more details for you. On July 1, 2019, Bishop Olmsted issued a decree of Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors. This document abrogates all previous versions. The current policy is a revision and enhancement of the diocesan policy that began in 1990. We are expected to implement this policy and will be audited this year. If you did not complete any Safe Environment Training in 2019 you will be required to take the 2020 Online Foundation Training – A Time to Protect – A Plan to Protect with a background check if you haven’t had one in the past 3 years. If you did training then you only have to do the Safe Environment Training -2020 Online Renewal for lay people. The good news is the online training is much shorter than the LIVE presentations. Foundation Training is about 90 minutes and SET- online renewal is around 40 minutes.

Out of 264 volunteers in the various ministries at St. Benedict Parish, only 184 have completed the training to receive their certification. We still have 80 volunteers that MUST complete their training by September 30th. The Safe Environment policy requires that everyone must be in compliance by the deadline in order to volunteer in any ministry. Our Safe Environment Coordinator, Debbie Smith, will be calling or emailing those individuals who haven’t completed the training yet. Please call, text or email Debbie at 480.529.4828, if you have any questions.

Update on Offertory Matching Appeal

I would like to thank you again for our parish performance in the Offertory Matching Appeal. As I stated last week, we went beyond our goal of $29,700 by 152.29%. The latest update is that 18 more parishioners participated right before the deadline of August 31st. This now brings the total number of parishioners who participated to 190. The $29,700 matching check will be sent to us in the second week of October. I will be meeting with the Finance Council to determine how to designate the gift.

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Have a wonderful weekend and Remain Blessed.

Fr James Aboyi, VC