Gospel Reading

09-26-2020Weekly ReflectionFr. James Aboyi

The Catholic radio station, Relevant Radio 1310AM, used to have a program called, Cradle vs Convert. That is, people who were born into Catholic families versus those who experienced a profound conversion into the faith. The Gospel reading today is a good illustration of these two groups of people in the Church. The parable also represents people who experience a sudden growth in their spiritual lives. Like the first son in this Gospel, there are many people who say Yes to God at their Baptism and grow up in the faith, but later abandon their relationship with God or do not take their faith seriously. The second son represents people who do not believe in God early on, but later experience a conversion of the heart and become faithful followers of Christ.

The first time we said Yes to God was at Baptism. We say Yes to God each time we step forward to receive any Sacrament. We say Yes to God when we make a decision to join any ministry to serve in the Church. It is one thing to say Yes to God verbally, it is another thing to say Yes to God with our lives. Saying Yes to God is not just a one-time event, but a continuous lifelong commitment and witness to our faith.

Through the Gospel today, Jesus invites us to reflect on the consequences of our choices in life, especially the choices and decisions that determine the level of our commitment to God. The choices we make now will affect and shape our future, both here on earth and for eternity with God. The parable of the two sons in the Gospel today illustrates how human pride can prevent one from following God’s WILL. On the contrary, the story also illustrates how humility predisposes one to a change of heart and an openness to accepting and following God’s WILL. This weekend, let us remember to pray for our family members, friends and all those who have abandoned their faith. We pray that God will reach out to them in his mysterious way and bring them back to himself.

Thank you and remain blessed,

Fr. James