Journey of Faith for Children

At St. Benedict Catholic Church, we recognize that parents are the first and foremost teachers of the faith.

PARENT SURVEY: Returning to Religious Education

The Journey of Faith program assists parents in developing their children’s faith by offering Catechesis for all children in kindergarten through 5th grade. This program helps children build a closer relationship with Christ and better understand God’s love and mercy through engaging, age-appropriate lessons. We believe that faith formation is a lifelong process, so we choose materials that will help build a foundation of curiosity and understanding in our children.

Journey of Faith is a grade level based learning environment that uses workbooks, crafts, skits, prayer, song, and interactive online content to engage your children as they continue their Journey with Christ. As a group, children and their Catechists join together to discuss Scripture, tradition, and teachings of the Catholic church.

Each week, your child will bring home a page from their workbook so they can share what they discussed in class. Families are encouraged to use these pages as a tool at home to further the child’s knowledge and excitement for our Catholic faith.

2020-2021 Schedule


Heather Mooney

Coordinator of Children's Faith Formation