Join Realm

St. Benedict recently adopted Realm as our parishioner database.

With Realm: You control your information, what others see, you can communicate with other parishioners, chat within your ministry groups, be part of an online parish directory, control your electronic giving and more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Soon we will be ending our Faith Direct account, and all online giving will now go through Realm.

Please be sure to activate your Realm account and set up your online giving as soon as possible. Then, cancel your Faith Direct giving. We want to ensure a smooth transition for all of our parish finances and ministries.

How do I activate my Realm account?

Sign in to this secure site by responding to the invitation you should have received Apr 4 (it could have gone into your spam folder).

If you need it re-sent, please contact Amy in the office by emailing her at We look forward to hearing from you soon!