Eucharistic Bread Makers

At the heart of our Eucharistic celebration are the bread and wine that become Christ’s body and blood during the Mass.

At St. Benedict Catholic Church, the bread that becomes our spiritual nourishment has a special source in that it is made by our own parishioners.

This is a unique ministry at St. Benedict, and parishioners find it an honor to prepare the bread, as well as another way to participate in the liturgy. We are one of only a couple of churches in the Phoenix area that make their own bread.

The Eucharistic Bread Baking Ministry allows people to volunteer even if they don’t have much time – it requires only about two hours every three months. Four volunteers are needed for each Sunday, one per mass. We provide them with the recipe, a template and individual help the first time they bake, if desired.

Marilyn Nemecek

Eucharistic Bread Makers Ministry Leader

Interested in helping in this ministry?

Please contact the Ministry Leader, Marilyn Nemecek.

Recipe & Template

If you are interested in trying your hand at baking, download the recipe and template.