New Church Update: Stained Glass Windows

06-23-2019Parish Campaign Update

Our stain glass artists have been working hard, along with our interior design architect, to develop the stained glass windows for our new church home.

As you enter the new worship space, looking forward, you will see above the altar a stained glass crown. It will feature liturgical colors as the reflections of a beveled jewel. On the wall behind the altar will be St. Benedict. As you turn left, facing south, the design of the large window will be based on the Sacrament of Baptism and our becoming a part of the Good Shepherd’s sheepfold. Looking around the main worship area you will see twenty upper windows presenting the Mysteries of the Rosary - four sets of five. This will weave in many lessons of our faith by telling the story of Christ’s life.

As you turn to the north, you will be facing the Chapel. The doors of the Chapel will illustrate the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The large windows above the doors will be of the Holy Spirit with rays descending down towards the doors, a reference to Confirmation. God sends the spirit to create all things new. Inside the Chapel the windows will be based on the Creation story - six panes representing the six days of creation. All of creation and everything we have is a gift from God. Once again, in the worship area, and as we turn to leave through the main door, we see the Last Supper above the doors so after people receive Eucharist they are reminded of Jesus giving the First Eucharist. These three large windows highlight the three Sacraments of Initiation into our Catholic faith.

Above, on the left of the Last Supper, will be a chalice and Eucharist. On the right will be the Lamb’s Supper. This tells us of the mystery of our faith. The past - Jesus giving of the last supper. The present – Jesus offering us his very body and blood. The future - when we will be at the Lamb’s supper for eternity.

We are still working on completing the draft designs of the remaining windows. The finished draft designs will be presented first to the Pastoral and Finance Councils, then to the Diocese Liturgical Commission, then finally shared with you.