January 20

01-20-2023Church Building Update

A new storage container has been ordered and delivered. This container will be utilized to move the office furniture into allowing the offices to be updated with new flooring, ceiling and lighting. The existing restroom will also be updated to match the new northside restrooms. The offices will be cleared out by Jan 26, with work beginning on Jan 27.

The old duct work has been removed. Saw cutting for the new duct work will begin on Jan 27. The arched stained-glass window openings will also be cut during this process. The electrician will repair the north parking lot lights next week. He will also trench for the power to the two new monument stub walls. The framing for the 3rd floor of the bell tower will be completed next week allowing for the decking and the ladders to be installed.

We are still on schedule for a Q3 completion.

This week's photos:

  • All of the large beams have been installed.
  • The future cry room metal studs have been installed.
  • Getting ready to install the roof above the transepts and Sanctuary.

Stained-Glass Windows Update

Work has begun on the creation of our stained-glass windows. Please contact Maryola in the parish office as to which stained-glass windows still require a donor.

Photos of current Stained Glass Windows completed:

  • Holy Spirit
  • St. Benedict