December 23

12-23-2022Church Building Update

The transept beams have been installed. The mason is working on the roof line of the transepts. They will be complete by December 29. The structural steel for the Nave will begin to be installed on January 9. The storm drain will be completed by December 27. The plumber will be out of the driveway in front of the Annex buildings at that time. The duct work will begin installation after the first of the year.

External and internal construction work has been going on simultaneously. Our first stained glass window has been completed. It is the front external window of St. Benedict. A photo of this is included in this report.

The custom work for our main altar and ambo has begun. The construction of our pews and the sculpting of the St. Benedict statue have also begun. This statue will be in the external front center of the church. The main and the chapel tabernacles, along with the main cross, corpus, and the chapel crucifix, have been ordered.

The audio/video solution has been designed and the equipment has been ordered. The acoustical treatments have been delayed until funding becomes available.

Photos for this week:

  • First interior studs in place for the Narthex east wall.
  • “Flying” in the 1st roof beam for the north transept.
  • The north transept beam being installed.
  • The St. Benedict stained-glass window.