June 10

06-10-2022Church Building Update

First, I would like to acknowledge the support this project is receiving from our Priests and the staff. They were requested to move to the Annex building with little notice. They all handled this challenge with extreme professionalism, while continuing to conduct the day to day business of our Parish.

The demo continues with significant movement this week: The trees and bushes around the building have been removed. The roof and interior walls have been fortified in preparation for the west wall removal The west wall was removed.

The photos for this week are:

  • Elimination of trees and bushes on the southside of the building.
  • Photo of the elimination of the west wall from inside the building.
  • Two photos of the work being done on demo-ing the west wall.

Next items:

  • To demo and remove the existing underground water and sewer lines - approximately 2 weeks.
  • Install underground utilities - approximately 1 month.