Revisiting Our New Year Resolutions

01-14-2022Weekly Flocknote MessageFr. James Aboyi, VC

How is your New Year going so far? Did you know that this mid-weekend in January is commonly known as “Quitters Weekend? Studies found that today, January 14 and Monday January 17 are considered as Quitters Days. The theory behind this is that most people generally give up their motivation to keep their new year resolutions by the second Friday of January. Research also found that only 10% of people generally keep their new year resolutions to the end. I found this very interesting! Do you think you could be one of the 10% this year? Whether you made your new year resolutions privately or as a family, this weekend is a wake-up call to all of us revisit our new year plans as we move farther on our journey through the year.

As St Benedict parish community, our New Year resolution is our commitment to start the construction of our Church building this year. We are definitely still committed to this resolution. I know a number of us are worried that the construction has not started yet. If you saw me recently you will notice that my gray hairs have turned white now. Yes, I have been having sleepless nights over our Church project but I trust that God will see us through the process to the end. Here are some updates from the Building Committee that may answer some of the questions you may have.

Updates From the Building Committee

We had a construction meeting on Tuesday, January 11. The attendees were from St Benedict, Double AA builders, HDA architects, and the Diocese. The primary discussions were on the construction and the permitting process.

HDA architects did receive the redline feedback from the City of Phoenix on the Civil engineering section. The suggested modifications were resubmitted back to the City for final review of the Civil plan.

The City building plan reviewers have all completed their reviews but those require a site plan approval before getting final sign off. The site planner is working on that review as we speak and hopes to have it wrapped up early next week.

Based on these reviews the redlined building plan will be returned to HDA architect, who has a team ready to respond. They will adjust the plans based on the City's feedback and resubmit the building plan for final review. The City has 20 days for this final review.

Once the modified plan is submitted back to the City, the contractor will make any adjustments to the costing based on the requested City feedback and complete the contract. The contract will be reviewed by the Diocese legal department prior to Father James signing the contract. We will receive a copy of the contract for our review at the same time the legal team is reviewing it.

The contractor is reviewing the option of pulling a separate grading permit, which will allow the work to begin as items are being finalized.

Please contact Bob Prezkop at if you have any questions.