End of Christmas Season

01-07-2022Weekly Flocknote MessageFr. James Aboyi, VC

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a peaceful Christmas and New Year celebration. We have one of the shortest Christmastide this year as the Christmas season ends this weekend with the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord. We can now put away all of our Christmas decorations. We will begin the 1st week of Ordinary Time, Year “C” from Monday next week. The Ordinary Time will last from next week until Ash Wednesday on March 2, 2022.

I thank everyone for their participation in the Christmas season this year. My special thanks to the Art and Environment Ministers and the Liturgy Ministry Leaders for their effective planning for the Christmas and New Year Liturgies. I also thank those who sent donations for the poinsettias and other gifts to the parish and staff during this time.

With the Christmas and New Years celebrations now behind us, I am glad our SJB school and parish office have now resumed peacefully for the new year. This week, we had a Parish Staff meeting, Pastoral Council meeting and SJB faculty meetings among others to review plans we have for this year. Usually, this is the time we begin planning for the major community events that occur between January and Easter such as the Bingo event tonight, the parish picnic, Catholic School Week, and SJB Gala among others.

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Click here to read the Letter from Bishop Olmsted on the Responsa Ad Dubia regarding Traditionis Custodes.

Have a Wonderful Week,
Fr. James Aboyi, VC