End of Eastertide

05-24-2021NewsFr. James Aboyi, V.C.

The celebration of Pentecost concludes the Eastertide (50 days) this year which began on Easter Sunday. At the end of the 5pm (Sunday) Mass, we removed the Paschal Candle from the altar as a symbolic end of the Easter Season.

I thank everyone for your participation in liturgies and personal prayers, especially during the Eastertide. Special thanks to the Liturgy Committee, the Art and Environment Ministry and those who participated in the Novena to the Holy Spirit over the past nine days. May we be strengthened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit on this day, and may God continue to bless our parish community with peace, love and unity as we conclude the Eastertide and move into Ordinary Time.


Congratulations to Fr. Wilfred Yinah, VC on his graduation from Grand Canyon University with a master’s degree in Public Administration. Fr. Wilfred has been doing his part-time, online study for the past two years. It takes a lot of personal discipline and time management skills to combine a study program with the priestly ministry. This study program is a great asset to his pastoral leadership skills. I commend Fr. Wilfred for his commitment to the study program.

Also, Congratulations to our Pre-K and Kindergarten students who will be graduating on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. A total of 54 students will be graduating from our Pre-K and Kindergarten this year. Despite the impact of the COVID-19, we are blessed to maintain a high enrollment in our preschool this year. We currently have a waiting list for the Pre-K program for the next academic year. I am so proud of our academic standards at SJB. I was so impressed to see students from our Kindergarten class read so fluently at our school Mass recently. I thank the teachers and parents for providing a quality education to our children.

Congratulations to anyone graduating from high school or college in our parish this Spring. St. Benedict honored all 2020-2021 high school and college graduates at the 5:00pm Mass on Sunday, May 23! Graduates came dressed in their graduation gowns so we could properly honor their great accomplishment. May God bless you all in your future endeavors!

Many Thanks

Thank you to Lani Gore, Anna Howard, all members of the Event Ministry and all of our parishioners and friends for a very successful St. Benedict’s Day at Panda Express and Baskin Robbins which was held on Monday last week! We raised a total of $298.89 during this fundraiser. These funds will be used to support the Gift Shop in our new Church.

Have a wonderful weekend and remain blessed.

Fr James Aboyi, VC