Happy Mother's Day

05-10-2021NewsFr. James Aboyi, V.C.

On behalf of our parish community, I wish all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers and Godmothers a Happy Mother’s Day and God’s blessings! On this day, we thank our mothers, by birth or adoption, who have nurtured and supported us through life. The challenges confronting mothers in our generation are unprecedented. Mothers today are faced with raising their children in a culture that often does not honor the sanctity of family or faith. Nevertheless, the vocation of motherhood is one of the most joyful and fulfilling roles in life. By carrying human life in their wombs, giving birth and nurturing life, mothers share in the creative power of God, the author of life. A mother’s love is about the best image and reflection of God’s love and care for us. Today especially, we entrust all mothers and future mothers to the love and care of Mary, our Blessed Mother, that she will intercede for them before the throne of God.

I thank Lani Gore, the Parish Staff and members of the Event Ministry for organizing a special Mother’s Day Raffle this year. I also thank those who donated the gift items for the gift baskets. We have a total of 8 gift baskets donated for the drawing which will be made after the Saturday 5pm Mass this weekend. We raised a total of $1,746 from the raffle. This fund has been designated to support the Gift Shop in our new Church. The winners will be announced at all the Masses. My congratulations in advance to the lucky winners.

Congratulations to the St. John Bosco Class of 2021

I congratulate the Eighth Grade Class of 2021 on their graduation from our SJB school next week. I thank the students for their commitment to the mission of the school and their contributions to the academic standards of SJB. I will remember this Class in a special way since their entire 8th grade year was during the pandemic. Despite the challenges they faced, this Class persevered and ended the year with a very impressive academic performance. I thank the teachers, staff, parents and guardians for their support of this Class along their academic journey.

Class of 2021, may God continue to bless you and guide you as you move onto the next stage of your academic life. The Graduation Mass and ceremony will be held here in our St. Benedict parish this Wednesday, May 12, at 6pm. The Mass and ceremony will be live-streamed so it can be watched from home on our St Benedict Youtube channel.

Have a wonderful weekend and remain blessed.

Fr James Aboyi, VC