Campaign Update

03-07-2020Weekly ReflectionFr. James Aboyi

Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante Update

We are excited to have a parish progress report to share with you. Together we have great cause to celebrate! Thank you to all who have so generously supported our parish, the Together Let Us Go Forth~Juntos Sigamos Adelante Campaign, and the Living our Faith, Building Our Home Campaign. I am glad to inform you that this week we received our first disbursement from the Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante Campaign. Thanks to your generous support, we received $37,000. Your witness and dedication of evangelization and discipleship is encouraging.

Through your generosity, we received $654,562 in pledges to support the work of discipleship and evangelization throughout our Diocese, as well as providing funding to support: (1) the purchase of pews for our new church, (2) the remodel and reconfigure of our existing building to better fit our needs beginning with the structural expansion of the St. Vincent de Paul pantry, (3) the purchase of the main crucifix for the new church, (4) the establishment of a tuition assistance program at St. John Bosco School, and (5) upgrading the telephone system at St. John Bosco School.

On the Diocesan level, a share of the funds raised has already been directed to the needs of the campaign throughout our Diocese. One aspect of the Diocesan case for support is Catholic Education. Thanks to your generous support of the campaign, 318 students received scholarships allowing them to attend Catholic school during this school year.

Thank you to all who have so generously supported our parish and the campaign. I encourage you to continue making payments on your pledges. The distribution from the campaign represents our 35% share of payments we have made on our pledges from the beginning of the campaign through December 31, 2019. The next 35% disbursement to our parish will come in August this year and will reflect the payments we receive from January 1, 2020 – July 31, 2020.

Our total parish goal for the campaign is $1,307,682. The recent report shows that 189 families have pledged to helps us achieve 50% of our goal in pledges. I am truly grateful for each of your sacrificial contributions. Thank you, again, to those who have so generously supported the campaign. If you have not yet had the opportunity to make a pledge, please pick up a brochure and pledge card in the main entrance of the church and return it to the parish office or collection basket.

Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) Update

A quick reminder that the annual Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) is underway. Thank you to the 66 families from our parish who have made a gift. Each and every gift is important and provides vital support to the programs and organizations who rely on the CDA. CDA funds allow them to provide critical services and resources to our parishes, diocese and local communities. Support WORKS OF MERCY in our Diocese and make your gift today! Our parish has currently raised $42,000, representing 38% of our overall goal of $85,000. Gifts can be made online at or by completing a donor envelope.

Thank you and remain blessed,

Fr. James