02-15-2020Weekly ReflectionFr. James Aboyi


This weekend, we observe Commitment Weekend for the Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) for the Diocese of Phoenix. During all of our Masses this weekend we heard Bishop Olmsted invite us to participate in the Appeal. Through your participation last year, the Diocese was able to fund 70 charities and ministries that serve the poor and the needy. Your gift to the Appeal has significant, real-life impact and transforms the lives of thousands of people across the Diocese.

I invite you to consider participating in the CDA this year. Most of us might have already received the Appeal invitation directly from the Diocese within the past week. Thank you if you have already participated this year. If you have not already participated, I invite you to please pick up an Appeal envelope this weekend and fill in the pledge card. There are four ways to give your donation this year: Online, by text message, by pledge card and by phone call. The instructions on how to give using each of the four methods is described on your pledge card. The completed pledge cards will be collected during the Mass. Please feel free to take an Appeal envelope home for a family member or friend, and have them mail or return it to the parish office during the week.

Soon we will have some personal witness testimonies. We will hear from some of our own parishioners as they share what motivates them to participate in the CDA. We will also give you weekly updates on our overall performance toward our parish goal. Please feel free to give us a call in the parish office (480.961.1610) if you have any questions.

Joint-Staff Retreat

Please keep our Parish Staff , and St. John Bosco Faculty and Staff , in your prayers as we go on our first joint-staff annual retreat at Mt. Claret on Saturday, February 22. I thank all of our staff and faculty for their commitment and tireless services to our parish and school communities. This retreat is highly needed as it will give us an opportunity to pray together as one community and rejuvenate our spiritual lives as we prepare to get into the season of Lent. Let us also pray for the success of our Parish Picnic coming up next Sunday.

Once again, thank you so much and remain blessed.

Fr. James