Christmas Thank You and New Year Resolutions

12-29-2019Weekly ReflectionFr. James Aboyi

Dear Parishioners,

Christmas Thank You

We thank God and thank you all for a wonderful Christmas celebration. My special thanks to all those who participated in the Angel Giving Tree. I was speechless when I saw the outpouring of gifts and the overwhelming response of our parishioners to the needs of those around our community. I thank the Art and Environment ministry for the beautiful Christmas decorations. Also, thanks to the Choir and the Liturgy team for wonderful Liturgies during the Christmas. This Christmas was a very memorable one for me and I pray for more joyful celebrations with you all in this community.

Holy Family

On this last Sunday of the year, and Feast of the Holy Family, the Church invites us to take inventory of our families through this past year to see how closely we were able to model the Holy Family. This Feast brings us back to the heart of where true holiness lies. It lies in imitating the Holy Family, in being the kind of father Joseph was, in being the kind of mother Mary was, in being the kind of son or daughter that Jesus was. The closeness of the Holy Family to God did not make life easier for them than others. They knew what it was to deal with poverty and an empty stomach. They were homeless and they were immigrants and refugees in a foreign land. The reflection for today is: What and how have I contributed to the quality of love, peace, unity and holiness in my family through this past year? What are new possible things I need to do in my family in this coming year, 2020?

New Appointment

I am happy to inform you that Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted has appointed me as the Pastor of St. Benedict Parish effective January 1, 2020. My installation as Pastor will take place during the 11 am Mass, with Bishop Olmsted as celebrant, on Sunday, January 5, 2020. I am so honored to be entrusted with this responsibility and I thank the Bishop for his confidence in me. In addition, I am pleased to inform you that Bishop Olmsted has graciously signed a contract entrusting the care of the St. Benedict Parish community to the care of my religious order, the Via Christi Society, for the next 10 years effective January 1, 2020. I will continue to rely on the grace of God and your support and prayers, for God’s guidance in my service to you in this community.

New Year Resolutions

Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? It is never too late to make a resolution. As you make yours this year, I encourage you to remember to consider including regular Mass attendance, daily prayers and Scripture reading in this coming year. It is not always easy to keep a New Year Resolution faithfully to the end of the year, but I encourage you to do your best and to not give up trying.

Wishing you God’s abundant blessings through the New Year and always.

Fr. James