May 12

05-12-2023Church Building Update

All of the flat roofs have been insulated and sealed with foam.

The scaffold for applying the stucco is done, except for the west end, which is waiting for City inspector approval.

The inside insulation has started, which will be followed by sheetrock, then texturing, paint and then the tile floor, The Nave will then be ready for the pews which are scheduled to arrive on August 11.


May 5

05-05-2023Church Building Update

Much of the recent work has been on the inside of the structure.

The framing of the interior walls is scheduled to be completed this week.

The foaming sealant of the flat roofs is scheduled from May 4 through May 11.


April 21

04-21-2023Church Building Update

The west wall is approaching its completion. Decking is targeted for next week. New roof coating will be applied above the offices. This will dry the office area in and work can resume on completing the office upgrades

The interior work continues with the A/C mechanical team and the installation of the wall studs.

The first attempt of lifting the bell tower roof was not successful. The crane reached its safety limits, so the lift had to be rescheduled for next week with a larger crane.


April 21

04-21-2023Church Building Update

A video of lifting of the roof onto the top of the church bell tower.

March 31

03-31-2023Church Building Update

The upper west wall has been framed which will allow the roof to be finished. The cement for the east sidewalk and the northeast gathering area has been poured. The tower roof is ready to be lifted. The fire suppression system is being finished. The framers and the mechanical teams continue their work.

Next week the grading will begin, again depending on weather. The team will start on the south side of the building. A major milestone will also occur next week. The lifting of the tower roof and the cross (4,800 pound) to the top of the bell tower (70 feet). For safety concerns, during the lifting process the Parish Office will be closed, along with access to all of the Annex buildings.


March 24

03-24-2023Church Building Update

The framers and iron workers continue to work on the bell tower roof. The target for framing to be completed is the end of this week. The roof decking should arrive by Friday, this week. The concrete framing for the east and northeast sidewalks has been delayed due to the weather. As soon as it dries out, this work can continue. The mechanical team is doing a great job. The A/C mechanical work is approximately 80% complete. The electrical rough-in has begun.


March 17

03-17-2023Church Building Update

The weather continues to impact our outside work. Where is the sun and dry weather? This will allow the soil and the building block to dry out. The bell tower roof is being constructed on the south east side of our parking lot. When finished, it will be lifted to the top of the bell tower. Our 10-foot Cross will be anchored to the center pole on the rooftop. Framing in the Nave, the transepts and the ceiling of the Narthex continues. The duct work is progressing.


March 10

03-10-2023Church Building Update

Framing and the A/C duct work continues to progress. Decking has begun to be installed, starting with the bell tower then proceeding to the southside of the building. The team will continue to work around the building. A ladder, which is the only access to the upper roof, has been installed. The power to the 2 future monument signs have been installed, one by the south entry drive and one by the north entry drive.


March 3

03-03-2023Church Building Update

The framers, electricians and the mechanical team continue their work inside of the building. Iron support is being added to the ceiling in the office to support the new air conditioners. The target date is March 20, weather dependent, to start installing the roof allowing the inside of the building to begin to be weather tight.