January 27

01-27-2023Church Building Update

The framing of the Sacristy areas has begun.

The Sanctuary area is scheduled to have the concrete poured today, Friday at 5am. The trusses for the transepts are being constructed onsite. The Chapel area demolition is continuing.

Next week will be the start for a number of areas. The contents of the offices were moved out and stored so the upgrade can begin in that area. Also beginning, the saw-cutting of the block in the Narthex to allow space for the new air conditioning ductwork, and the site grading and curbing for the southside drop off.


January 20

01-20-2023Church Building Update

A new storage container has been ordered and delivered. This container will be utilized to move the office furniture into allowing the offices to be updated with new flooring, ceiling and lighting. The existing restroom will also be updated to match the new northside restrooms. The offices will be cleared out by Jan 26, with work beginning on Jan 27.


January 13

01-13-2023Church Building Update

As the construction team is back in full force after the holidays, work continues to close in the building. The masons are completing their work on the building. They will then begin laying the block for our 2 signage walls on the north and south entries of the church parking lot, after the concrete footings are poured.

The pouring of the Sanctuary steps and flooring will begin within two weeks. Followed by the signage wall footings.


December 23

12-23-2022Church Building Update

The transept beams have been installed. The mason is working on the roof line of the transepts. They will be complete by December 29. The structural steel for the Nave will begin to be installed on January 9. The storm drain will be completed by December 27. The plumber will be out of the driveway in front of the Annex buildings at that time. The duct work will begin installation after the first of the year.


December 16

12-16-2022Church Building Update

The building is taking its final shape and no longer looks like a box. It now has the beginning of the shape that we saw in the original video. We have been blessed to have a great general contractor who has been able to handle the challenges that we have faced.

The block work for the tower has been completed. The scaffolding was lowered Thursday and is being dismantled. All block work is scheduled to be completed in two weeks.


December 9

12-09-2022Church Building Update

The new mechanical sub is onsite today to finalize the layout for the saw cuts through the block for the additional A/C ductwork.

The plumbing leak that was discovered last week has been located. It will be fixed when the plumbing team is onsite to install the main storm drain on the east side of the construction project. This will occur during St. John Bosco's Christmas break. We will be trenching down the center of the driveway which is between the new worship space and the Annex buildings.


December 2

12-02-2022Church Building Update

The tower is at 61 feet and the upper tower arches are beginning to form. The southside arches are complete along with the eastside arches. Significant work has been done on the westside of the building.

A leak was discovered in the new domestic water system. It is being tracked down and will be repaired.


November 18

11-18-2022Church Building Update

Concrete was poured at the lower level of the Sanctuary which allowed the mason to begin their work in that area.

The mason continues to progress extremely well. The bell tower is 16 feet away from reaching the top of the tower. In addition, work continues on the south side arches and the north side entry. Also, the Sanctuary area is beginning to rise out of the ground.


November 11

11-11-2022Church Building Update

Concrete has been poured for the elevated cry room and ramp, along with the floor of the Narthex where the footings have been installed. The floor of the choir loft and the stairs have been poured in preparation of the final flooring. Next week the lower Sanctuary is scheduled to be poured, including the ramp to the Sanctuary. The north transept is also scheduled to be poured.

The mason continues with the construction. The bell tower is at a current height of 40 feet, with 34 more feet to be added. The masonary work on the west end to enclose the building will continue as the concrete areas are poured.


November 4

11-04-2022Church Building Update

The mason is completing the north expansion for the elevator and the new north restrooms. The tower is scheduled to be topped-off by the end of next week. The west expansion began with the walls of the south transept.

Concrete is scheduled to be poured for the Sacristies, the north transept and the first step of the Sanctuary. When this is completed the mason will continue his work on the west end expansion The second pour will be the steps to the Sanctuary, followed by a third pour for the floor of the Sanctuary.