New Church Update: Stained Glass Windows

06-23-2019Parish Campaign Update

Our stain glass artists have been working hard, along with our interior design architect, to develop the stained glass windows for our new church home.

As you enter the new worship space, looking forward, you will see above the altar a stained glass crown. It will feature liturgical colors as the reflections of a beveled jewel. On the wall behind the altar will be St. Benedict. As you turn left, facing south, the design of the large window will be based on the Sacrament of Baptism and our becoming a part of the Good Shepherd’s sheepfold. Looking around the main worship area you will see twenty upper windows presenting the Mysteries of the Rosary - four sets of five. This will weave in many lessons of our faith by telling the story of Christ’s life.


Commitment Weekend

08-26-2018Parish Campaign Update

How fitting that Commitment Weekend falls on the same weekend we celebrate the life of Fr. Bob Binta. This weekend we all have the opportunity to commit, or re-commit, ourselves to raise the funds required to build a new church home for our community. We are so close to our goal of $3.5 million!

This weekend also gives parishioners, who have been out of town, the chance to make their commitment of support. Our commitment to you is to keep you informed on the progress that is made regarding the building, finances and fundraising efforts.

Church Building Teams Progress Update

08-19-2018Parish Campaign Update

This weekend, at all Masses, we summarized the progress of each of the Church Building Teams:

  • The Building Committee presented the detailed plans for building our church to the Diocese on Friday, August 17. Final approval is expected within the next few weeks.
  • The Finance Group analyzed our capital campaign results (as of July) and, based on cash flow projections, determined a building start in mid-2020. In the near future, we will meet with the Diocesan CFO to see if we can start earlier through an arrangement to borrow, short-term, against our pledges.
  • The Capital Campaign Team is preparing for Commitment Weekend when the community will be presented with an opportunity to commit, or recommit, to building the new church.

Over the next week we would ask that you pray about the following:

  • If you have already pledged to the new church THANK YOU! Please commit to making your payments on time, and consider increasing your pledge or paying off your pledge in a shorter time period.
  • If you made a one-time donation in 2018, can you commit to a similar donation in 2019?
  • If you have not yet made a pledge or donation, PLEASE JOIN US! Decide, with your family, what you can sacrificially give to build our new church and make the commitment next weekend.
  • We ask everyone to pray for the success of our building endeavor. Set a special time each week to pray, specifically, for the success of our project to build a new church home.