Bible Study with Kevin Saunders

The Bible class meets on Mondays in the church for an 1 1/2 hour lecture that begins at 7 pm and ends at 8:30. Students who attend will be engaged by Kevin’s lecturing skills as he draws on his vast knowledge of middle eastern custom and tradition to explain the Bible to a western educated audience.

There is no pre-registration needed for Bible Study. Registration and payment procedures will be explained to all participants on the first night of the class. Feel free to attend the opening session as a guest before you decide to follow the course through.

About Kevin Saunders and the Arizona Bible Class

The Arizona Bible Class is an open enrollment program that welcomes students from all denominations to join a nearby class at any time during the year. There is no pre-registration and a pleasant folk at our welcome table will fill you in on current class details. This website provides additional access to previous lectures and can be used to “catch up” with your class. Any time spent in an Arizona Bible Class venue will be beneficial to your understanding of the Bible be it a week, a month or even years. It’s never too late to get started.

Our goal is to create “educated readers” of the Bible who are fully capable of engaging the Word of God in all its historical, cultural, and religious contexts. Properly speaking, Bible teaching is explication; Bible preaching is application. Kevin Saunders is a Bible teacher. Kevin brings his gifts as knowledge of the Bible and its cultural world to life in his classes.

The Arizona Bible Class draws on insights gleaned from the study of Historical Geography and Middle Eastern culture to inform the systematic study of the Bible in each of its classes.

Historical Geography is an academic science holding the position that the physical geography of any land can affect that lands history. Dr. Wayne Stiles, a current teacher and proponent of this Historical Geographical method writes that, “The more someone understands the land of the Bible, the more one understands the Bible itself. Its message is enabled to have a more profound impact on one’s spiritual life and ministry…the land of Israel serves as the basic canvas onto which the message of the Bible can be painted in vivid reality.”

The Bible is set in the Middle East and its unique cultural world. Jesus was a man of the Middle East and his teaching reflects this fact. In each Arizona Bible Class session students are provided with cultural keys that open meanings to texts that have otherwise been obscured by cultural bias or lack of cultural knowledge of the Middle East. Over time Arizona Bible Class students learn how the culture, language and customs of the Biblical Middle East inform the careful study of the Bible.